Monday, January 25, 2010

First Haircut

Thad got his first haircut the day after Christmas. It was MUCH needed. He has always had quite a bit of hair, but it seemed like it got SO long and shaggy all of a sudden.

This doesn't look so bad. This is how it usually looks, kind of swooped to the side

But here you can see how long it really is! Yikes. I wasn't putting it off b/c I was sad really, but b/c I was kind of scared. You never can tell how baby hair will lay. It's so fine and soft. I was nervous.

Brent did the job. He has always cut Rhett's hair, and does a really good job.

Ahhh, isn't he handsome!?


Janice said...

Big boy! I didn't realize it had gotten so long! Had you thought about a pony tail?

kandace Phillips said...

I like the pony tail idea...but this is really handsome...he looks like he is 4!! So cute!!

Dawn said...

Adorable. I'm kinda sad to see him looking so much bigger with shorter hair and he's not even mine!

The Loves of Lacy said...

Oh that is soooo stinkin cute!!!

Samantha said...

ahh, he's a little man now!!! Cute!

Leslie said...

so cute, dad cutting his hair.