Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Birthday Boy

I can hardly believe it has been a year today since this sweet boy joined our family. What a difference a year makes. He is such a blessing and and a joy. This is a LONG post, but I wanted to highlight his first year.

Here I was 9 months pregnant with Thad. WOW!-That is a belly.

Here he is: Thad Aaron Hubbard and his HAIR.

Our first picture as a family of 5. Don't look too close. Remember, it was 3 am and I had literally jumped out of bed and barely made it to the hospital.

Here is our little guy at just a few days old

About 1 month. He spent a lot of time in this sling.
About 3 months. He looks SOOO sweet, but he was NOT an easy baby at this point. He had severe reflux. I think by this time he was on medication and feeling some better.
3 month pic by Papa Larry

6 Months.

Thad's first Halloween. I didn't notice this at the time, but I think he sort of resembles the dragon. Check out the nostrils and those on the mask. Ha.
We will never forget his crawling technique. We call him "little bulldozer"

I think this was about 9 months. Look at that sweet smile.

and here is my 1 year old!!!!

SO what is he up to at a year?
*JUST this past 2 weeks has started crawling with his head OFF the ground.
*He pulls up on everything and has been for about a month. He is still a little wobbly and is not close to standing alone or walking yet.
*Is into EVERYTHING! Has climbed the whole flight of stairs when someone (Rhett) has left the gate open.
*LOVES to play in the toilets. Then LOVES to wash his hands afterward. So it's like a reward when he plays in the potty, then he gets to play in the water-again.
*I think he weighs about 23 pounds (70th percentile)and is about 3o 1/2 inches tall (85th percentile).
*His eyes are still sort of dark grey/green. I think the other kids' turned brown sooner than this.
*Has 8 teeth. 4 middle on bottom and 4 middle on top.
*Nicknames: Thaddy Bear, Baby Bear, Baby Thaddy
*He goes to bed at about 8:30-9:30 and sleeps until about 8:00 most of the time.
*He is not impressed with most table food. He likes crackers, cookies, and other DRY food, but anything moist or wet he just scrunches up his nose at and puts it down or spits it out.
*Still LOVES his binky.
*Says: Mama, Dada, baba (bottle), bye-bye, and Poop, (Yes, when I ask him if he pooped, he tries to say POOP.)
*Waves bye-bye and claps (since about 10-11 mos), and plays peek-a boo (started a few weeks ago.)
*He is a happy baby and is usually content to just play by himself, but usually has someone (Rhett) bothering him and tolerates this pretty well.
Happy Birthday Thaddy Bear!!! We LOVE You SOOOOOO Much!


Leslie said...

Time sure does fly! You were one of the most beautiful new moms in that photo I have ever seen, stop kidding yourself!

Janice said...

Happy happy birthday little man! What a handsome boy you are!! Wish were were there to celebrate with you.

Dawn said...

Cute little one year old!

Annie said...

What a precious post! He looks just like your other two. Happy Birthday Thad!