Tuesday, December 20, 2011

End of the Year Catch-Up: Part I- T-Ball

I am going to try really hard to get my blog caught up by the end of the year. Here's the first of the "should have been posted a long time ago" segments. Hopefully there will be several more to follow.

This fall Rhett played t-ball for the first time. He did pretty well, but did not instantly love it. The practices and games were so funny to watch. The kids were all basically clueless. I'm sure you've all seen an example of what I mean. The kid hits the ball then chases it into the field, or runs the wrong way around the bases. So cute!

Thad LOVED to go watch and wanted to play SO BADLY! He stood by Brent when he was out in the field helping or by the bases when he was acting as a base coach. He will be so excited when he can play next year.

Kicking off the game - with one extra short guy.


He slid into home plate. It was pretty funny. His coach told him not to do that until he was getting paid for it. Ha!

Here is our little baller in the "Ready" position.
I think this is why he wasn't "sold" on t-ball. He spent a lot of time just like this and didn't get to touch the ball much. I think he'll like it better as he get's older and the games move a little faster. (I have to agree though that baseball is not the most exciting sport).

This little guy on the other hand, seemed to think t-ball was GREAT!!

After the last game the coach presented each of the players with a trophy. Rhett's face when his name was called was so cute. So proud and a little embarrassed.

He was really excited about the trophy and I think it made all that time just standing in the "ready" position, worth it.

So proud of my handsome little T-Ball Star!

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Janice said...

The star of the team I'm sure!!