Thursday, December 22, 2011

End of the Year Catch Up: Part III- Thanksgiving '11

We hosted Thanksgiving again this year. We had 17 people here (including our family) and they all stayed the night! It was a full house and felt a little like a hotel at times, but it was fun and I think everyone enjoyed it.

My sister helped me get the dining table center piece set up. I thought it turned out cute

It seems to be tradition for Scott and Rick to carve the turkey.

Everyone helped with the cooking and cleaning. This is one time when two ovens would be really nice.

Look at that- Brent doing dishes. I knew he was a good catch!

Finally everything was ready and it was time to feast!

The "Kids Table"

The "Grown Ups Table"

After the traditional YUMMY meal, we all did the traditional sitting around and complaining about how full we were.

That night some of us went out to do some Black Friday shopping. Actually we mostly drove around and decided there were way too many crazy people out and that there wasn't much that we needed THAT bad, and went back home. All the girls did go out for a bit the next day after the crowds had died down a bit.

Everyone but the grandparents went to see the Muppetts one night and the rest of the time we mostly sat around a visited. I think we are pretty lucky that both sides of our families get together and actually like each other!

Thad thought he was pretty big stuff holding his baby cousin Maggie.

Nana reading to some of the little ones.

Funny how a real baby can make your "baby" seem SOOO big.

The three girl cousins.

We had a great Thanksgiving and are truly grateful for all of our blessings!!

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And a good time was had by all!!