Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another First Day!

Monday was another successful first day of school for the kiddos. One more down, 13 more to go!:)

(I decided at the last minute (as in on our way out the door) to do the whole "sign stating the grade they are starting" thing. It is cute, especially the cute chalk board ones, but it was a little late to do anything cute.  I also wanted a traditional one too. I always post them on here with the grade included so it's not really necessary.)

Here is my awesome first grader.....
 He was pretty excited about these high-tops

and my beautiful 4th grader.......
 She LOVES school and was so anxious to start!

 I am so thankful that they enjoy school and take pride in doing well and working hard in school!
So proud of them!
 Daddy went in to work late so he could take them to school too.

Thad is going to pre-school again this year. They don't really have Pre-K here in the public schools. He is going to the same school he went to for the end of last year, but he's going to go three days this year instead of two.  It is WAY the opposite direction of the elementary school, so it's a bit of a pain, but he loves it.  Next year the kids will all be in the same school- for one year anyway.

Here's the big pre-schooler. I couldn't get a real smile out of him.

He picked out these shoes and hat at the mall the other day and had to wear them for his first day.


Janice said...

So grown up and good looking!!! All of them!!

Janice said...

And love Thad's hat!!

Janice said...

And Rhett's high tops! Hollace is beautiful as always!!