Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Branson Trip

At the end of June, we took our first trip to Branson. We met our friends, the Carpenters, there and had a GREAT time!

We left on a Sunday morning and went to the Sunday brunch at The College of the Ozarks. We had heard great things about it and were not disappointed.

 Our first evening there we went to the ever popular "Dixie Stampede"

Of course we went to Silver Dollar City

Hollace and her lifelong friend Brynn

Bryan was having back issues while we were there, so there were multiple scenes like this throughout the day of us trying to get his back back in working order. It would have been pretty funny, except he really was hurting!

Ha! Love these silly boys!!!
I think it's safe to say we were all worn smooth out by the end of the day!

 One evening we went to a Chinese Acrobat Show. It was pretty impressive. 
Here are the kids with some of the acrobats.

 One of our favorite things was seeing the musical "Joseph" at the Sight and Sound Theater. This is in front of the theater.

The musical was really good and actually kept the kids' attention the entire time!
They all said it was on of their favorite things! 

One last adventure on the trip was zip-lining. I have a whole CD full of pictures, so I'll post some on another post.
Here's a sneak peak. Even Thad got to go!:)

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