Monday, October 20, 2014

Disney 2014: Day 1

We finally went on our long awaited vacation to Disney World over Labor Day Weekend.

 (those are the new bands they use at Disney that are your room keys, tickets, meal plan ticket and everything else!-so easy!)

 We planned our days based on the estimated crowd ratings you can find online. We started out at Epcot on our first day. 
 I think our very first ride was the Test Track where you get to design your own car and then test it out.

 After a couple more rides we had brunch at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Norway with all the Princesses.
 All the kids had a little walking parade around the restaurant with the princesse. The boys were good sports and went along. It was Hollace who wouldn't go. She liked meeting the Princesses, but I guess she thought she was too old for the parade.

The kids are little dare devils and wanted to ride everything! 
Mission: Space

 We met a couple characters at Epcot.

That wrapped up our morning at Epcot. 
( I guess Thad didn't quite get the "look excited" instruction from the photographer.)

After leaving Epcot on our first day, we rode the boat over to Magic Kingdom

One of our first stops was Splash Mountain
 We met Woody and Jesse from Toy Story.
This picture looks like Jesse is choking Rhett. Ha.

It's A Small World Ride- (this is actually one of the things I remember about our trip to Disney World when I was a kid.)

The Buzz Lightyear Ride

We happened upon a block party featuring The Incredibles. 
The boys did a little dancing with the characters.

 Then Brent and Rhett really got into a line dance that everyone was doing. It was pretty funny.

We stayed and watched the electrical parade, then part of the firework show before heading out. 
It was a GREAT first day!!

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A wonderful trip!!