Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Disney 2014: Day 2

Sunday, our second day, we spent the whole day at Hollywood Studios. We loved HS last time, but it's not a favorite for a lot of people so I was curious to see if we'd like it as well this time.....
and we did!

Our first stop was to ride (for the first of many times) The Hollywood Tower of Terror.
I'm telling you, we have three little thrill seekers on our hands. I think that's why they love Hollywood Studios. It has probably the two best thrill rides of all the parks.

Next, we caught a fun little Frozen parade. 

 The Toy Story Mania ride is new and really popular.
There are giant versions of some vintage games along the way while you're waiting in line.

 Lightning and Mater were hits with Rhett last time we came, so we were glad to see they were still there.

Phineas and Ferb....

 We ate lunch at the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater where you ate in these cars while watching old sci-fi movies on a big screen.  The kids loved it.

 The Great Movie Ride definitely wasn't a thrill ride, but it was pretty cool and had some scenes from some of my favorite classic movies.

 For some reason the boys spent a lot of the time waiting in line pulling and squeezing on each other's faces. They seriously seemed incapable of just standing there and not touching each other.

This was on the other thrill ride at HS, Aerosmith's Rock 'N Roller Coaster
Our family of 5 had to split up a lot on the rides, Hollace was the odd man out this time.
I love their faces in these!
 We went to this stunt show last time too and the boys thought it was great.

 Playing on the Honey I Shrunk the Kids set.
 Being silly and "scared" on one of our many times on the Tower of Terror.

 They all LOVED the tower, but especially Hollace. She chose a t-shirt from there as one of her souvenirs.  Here she is in front of the infamous service elevator with a photo-bomb by Thad.
 None of the kids are huge Frozen fans, but we decided we should check out the new Frozen land while we were there. They had an area where there was supposedly "real snow" people were standing in long lines to play in the snow. We skipped that!

One of the green men from Toy Story.

Did I mention we rode the Tower of Terror a few times??

 A view of the tower in the evening.
 This was at the end of the night time laser light show, Fantasmic.
 This is the view of our hotel, The Boardwalk, as we came back on the ferry after a wonderful long day!
Sweet, wiped-out Thad with his Sven, the moose from Frozen, he chose as one of his souvenirs.

 ....and new t-shirts left by Tinkerbell on one of her nightly visits to the kids while we were there.


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Everything looks so fun!! I have a sweet pic of you girls sleeping after a long day at Disney World.

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