Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Disney 2014: Day 3

Monday we had to get up bright and early for our breakfast at Chef Mickey's. This is such a great way to meet a lot of the characters without waiting in line.

The boys thought it was pretty funny to pretend to pull Pluto's tail while he wasn't looking.
After breakfast we made it to Magic Kingdom in time for the park opening.
Lots of characters were there for the opening.
We started at the new ride, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This is Thad being silly while we were in line.  It was ok, but definitely didn't live up to the hype for us....Clearly not fast or scary enough for us!

In front of the Haunted Mansion.

Chip and Dale.
Thad did not want to meet them. I'm not sure if he was just tired or if giant twin chipmunks was pushing the limits a little bit. ?

Cooling down on Splash Mountain

Space Mountain...
After we rode a ride once and knew where the camera was we would decide on something for us to all do for the picture.  It was sometimes hard to make the face or signal while you were moving so fast.
Rhett cracks me up in this one.

We finished up at Magic Kingdom then headed back to Hollywood Studios for a few hours. 

"Frozen" Cupcakes for desert at lunch.

One guess what we rode first at Hollywood Studios......

and....of course we had to ride the Rock 'N Roller Coaster again.

That night we ate a YUMMY African place called Boma. It had so many interesting dishes to try.
Then we rode the shuttle over to Downtown Disney for a little shopping.

At one place you could build your own light sabers. 

Another great end to a great day at Disney!

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Janice said...

I love all the characters!! The pics are great!!