Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Disney: Part 4

The second day we started out at Animal Kingdom. It was not our favorite park, but there were some fun things. We met "Flicker" from A Bug's Life. I like this picture with Rhett looking up at him. I don't think he's too sure about the giant bug.

Family pic in front of "The Tree of Life"

Hollace saw this face painting stand and just begged to do it. This is something I normally never let them do at fairs, etc., buy hey, this is Disney World, right?

Rhett chose a bear. He was SO still the entire time they worked. It was really cute.

The end results. Hollace loved it. It did look really pretty.

Rhett- again-not so sure.

This was the biggest smile we got out of Rhett. The whole time in the "bear mask" he was strangely serious.


Janice said...

How fun! Their faces look so cute - wonder why Rhett was so serious about it. I love the picture of him looking up at the giant bug.

The Garvie Family said...

Geez...I've got to stop reading your Disney post before I hop a plane to Florida. I'm glad to hear Animal Kingdom wasn't your favorite. It was our least favorite out of all the parks. I would go back in a second but Animal Kingdom just didn't have as much and it seemed more crowded and hot. Did you go to the 3D show..It's Tough to be a Bug? Kamryn loved that. I love Rhett's painted face...too cute!!