Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Smiley Hollow"

Our church has a family event every fall at a place called "Smiley Hollow". It is a big farm with lots of fun things to do and happens to be where they filmed part of the "Hannah Montana" movie, or so I've heard. (This was actually a few weeks ago, but I've been trying to get Disney posts done.)

There were little rides and inflatable toys. Rhett loved this inflatable space-ship obstacle course.

There were horse-back rides.....
Thad was SOOO good and just hung out in his stroller the whole time.
They loved the Cotton candy, slushes, and popcorn
and what's a fall festival without a hayride (this is Hollace and one of her BFFs, Tiffany)

I LOVE FALL- and all the smells, and food, and colors, and holidays and sports, and weather, and fun-that comes with it!!!

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Janice said...

What fun! I bet the kids had a ball!! See you soon.