Sunday, November 22, 2009

Disney: Part 9

We spent most of the fourth day at Magic Kingdom. It seemed like it got hotter as the week went on. It was in the nineties most of the time.

Here was another attempt at a pic in front of the castle. I don't think we ever did get a great one.

This was at Minnie's house. Remember the pictures that Hollace drew for her and gave her at breakfast the first day? Well when we were at her house. Hollace said, "I wonder where she put those pictures I gave her."......That is why I wanted to go now, instead of in a few years, when it wouldn't be quite as "magical" for her.

In Minnie's kitchen

In her sewing room

Hollace thought Nana would like this picture of her in the sewing room, since Nana can sew.
This was later on the carousel

and meeting Pinocchio

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Janice said...

I could get some serious sewing done with that machine!