Thursday, November 5, 2009

Disney: Part 5

The second evening we went to Hollywood Studios. We were surprised and excited to find out that Rhett's favorite characters would be there. Of course, Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater!!

While Rhett and I went to "Radiator Springs", Hollace and Brent waited in line for the "Rock-n-Roller Coaster." She loved it! I've said it before, but she is such a little dare-devil! Her favorite ride of the whole trip though was the Hollywood Tower of Terror! A elevator ride that drops unexpectedly 13 stories after you take a ride through the haunted hotel. She LOVED it. She rode it and most of the big rides at least twice. Once with me and once with Brent while the other was waiting with Rhett. She would get off and say "now do I get to go with Daddy?" An adrenalin-junkie, I guess.

Just a little note, most of the big rides require kids to be 4o in. Rhett was 38 1/2. Although we did manage to "sneak" him in a few time, we spent some time doing the switch-a-roo so Brent and I could both ride some things. We will probably wait until Thad is 40 inches tall to go back.


Janice said...

Well, Rhett probably thinks his life is complete now! And I'm pretty surprised at Hollace's bravery!

Dawn said...

You go, Hollace! Molly and Bobbi loved The Tower of Terror when they were about 5. At least we told them they did, when they rode it and their older siblings were too scared!

Kristen said...

I have loved reading all of your Disney posts! It sounds like such a wonderful time especially for kids!! I can't wait to take Layne and Lyla one day. I can't believe Hollace rode all of that stuff...I am such a baby when it comes to scary rides! I bet Rhett was in heaven in Radiator Springs!!!

Mandy said...

I'm a little worried about this summer when we are planning on going to Disney. Ben loves to ride things and he is soooo far away from being 40 inches tall that I hope he makes it by the time he is 5! Love all your posts. Keep 'em coming!