Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Bowling Bash

Rhett chose to have his 8th birthday at Bowling World!

 We had planned on spending about half the time bowling and then head to the arcade room. Surprisingly, the bowling really kept their attention. These boys would have bowled the whole time!

 Check out this form;)

 He chose to have a "Guardian of the Galaxy" cake. I have to admit I didn't even know what that was and I can't say it was one of the more attractive cakes I've seen. He was happy with it, though. 

With his party, he got this big bowling pin for his friends to sign. He thought that was pretty cool.

 We save his presents from the family for his actual birthday. I think he was excited about this cash!

 Happy 8th Birthday Rhett!!!

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Janice said...

Bowling party looks fun! Happy 8th Birthday Rhett! Such I great kid!