Saturday, August 16, 2014

I just thought I was finished.....

I just thought I was finished posting about baseball....for the Spring season anyway.....but I was wrong.

I found these pictures after my post wrapping up the season and just couldn't leave them out.
It's just in time too, as the boys' first game of fall baseball is TODAY!
(Somehow I ended up with several more pictures of Thad than Rhett.)

One game he decided to wear these COOL sunglasses for his game.

 A few of Rhett at bat-
(On the field where Rhett usually played, it was harder to get in a good location to get good pictures. I'll try to do better next season:) )

 And Thad at the Tee...

Here's Thad running into home, doing one of his famous slides.

Actually he did it a little differently this time and wound up on his back.

He still talks about "that one time when he slid and his helmet came off and he bumped his head and scraped his elbow".

This picture makes me laugh. He and the first baseman are having a stare down!!

 This boy LOVES baseball......any ball for that matter!

This is Thad with his friend Shephard.  His family, the Todds, are friends of ours.  Donnie was Thad's t-ball coach last year and was the former music leader at our church. Their family recently left for a very long term mission in an undisclosed location in Central Asia. 
This day they had come back to Fort Smith for a visit after several weeks of training, before leaving the country.
Please keep this wonderful family, the Todds, in your prayers!

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