Friday, August 29, 2014

Another GREAT First Day!

August 18th was another first day of school for us!
The kids were pretty excited and anxious to get the school year started.
This is the first and only year that the kids will all be in the same school!

My big 5th grader- Her last year in elementary school!
Rhett with his sweet 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Booker, at the start of his first day.
 ......and this is how he looked when I picked him up at the end of the day.
He has been wanting his hair longer lately so its longer than it has ever been. He said he did this at recess when it was wet with sweat and it stuck this way. Recess is early in the day, so he looked like this most of the first day of school. I'm sure that made a great impression on everyone.  
(He wasn't sad or upset here, he just wouldn't smile when I was taking a picture.)
Here they are on their second day. Still smiling!
This was actually Thad's first day. The kindergarten classes had just 1/3 of the class come for each of the first three days of school.  Then they all went on Thursday and Friday.
I just can't believe our BABY BOY is in KINDERGARTEN.
I think he really had mixed emotions about it, like I did. 
Sometimes he seemed really excited about it. Then he would act really nervous about it. He told me several times he was worried he wouldn't do a good job, or that he wouldn't know what to do at lunch, or remember where his classroom was, etc. It made me sad that he was worried, but we know he will do a great job and end up liking it!
Here he is with Mrs. Smith. I have heard GREAT things about her. I'm so glad he got a great teacher for his first year.

 Our big boy checking in and entering his lunch choice.
 Praying for a successful, FUN-filled year for our three amazing kiddos!!

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