Monday, August 4, 2014


This summer the kids were on a little swim team through our country club. It was just a month long commitment with one meet at the end of June. Hollace had enjoyed being on swim teams in the past, but got burnt out doing it all year. The boys were wanting to try it too so we thought it would be a good chance to try it. 

How cute are these little "Barracudas"??
(That's their team name)

Here they are with their friends, and neighbors, Layne and Quinn.
The boys were so excited about these black spandex we had to get for their team uniform.

 Thad was actually not quite old enough to participate, but since he had two older siblings on the team and he could swim well, they let him be on the team.
 At the beginning he was a good swimmer, but didn't really know the strokes very well. 
He did really well at the practices and ended up doing an AWESOME job at the meet!
He actually go 1st place in all two of the three events he did and second place in the third event!
SOOO proud of this little guy!
 Rhett did an AWESOME job too. He looked like a natural!
 He won 1st place in all four events!! Our little Michael Phelps;)
 I guess this was old hat for Hollace, since she's been on a swim team before.
She did great too and won a 1st, 2 2nds, and a 3rd place!!

Here are a few more pics of our little swimmers. 
My camera quit working a while back so I feel like I haven't taken many good pictures lately. My Dad just gave me one of his cameras so hopefully I'll start getting some good ones again soon. 

Here is a video of Thad winning first place in his heat in the free style.

Rhett blowing away the competition in his heat of the free style.

Hollace doing an awesome job at the butterfly, the hardest stroke, and the first time she's tried it at a meet.

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