Monday, August 1, 2011


Tuesday Night and Wednesday/Wednesday Night
One night we took the shuttle over to another Sandals resort to check it out. We ate at Tokyo Joe's. This was the Chef that prepared our dinner.

The resort has this little private island that you can ride over to on a boat. That is the private island behind us in this picture.

This was the view from our little porch. There was rarely anyone in this little pool and hot tub-it was almost like our little private pool.

I really this picture of us. They had these guys walking around taking your picture, then you could go view them later and buy them- you know like Party Pix in high school and college. We only bought this one.
My handsome husband looks even better than he did 10 years ago!

We ate dinner at the Royal Thai restaurant on the private island. This and all the others of the two of us were taken by other guests at the resort. No one seemed to mind because they were probably asking people to take pics too.

This is the boat we took to and from the island.

I'm pretty lucky to have this guy!!

Not sure what this little carriage was for right by our room, but we decided to stop and take a picture with it......because that's what you do on vacation.

Stay tuned.............

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