Sunday, August 7, 2011

JAMAICA!! Part 5

Friday at the Private Island
The resort we stayed at had it's own little private island which you could ride a little boat over to visit. We went over on Wednesday night to the Royal Thai restaurant, but it was dark so we decided to go back the next day when we could see everything better. Isn't this beautiful?

One interesting thing about the private island is that on the backside there is a "clothing optional" beach. This little sign with it's fine print is the only warning you get before venturing over to this section on the beach. Luckily we had heard about it and steered clear of this area. Sorry , but NOT the kind of beautiful ocean views I was wanting.

.......apparently this older couple wasn't lucky enough to have heard or see the sign. This was SOOOO funny! We had seen them earlier just wandering innocently around the island with their snorkeling gear. As we were leaving on the boat we saw them walk down onto the nude beach area. They were fully clothed and ready for some snorkeling! I don't think they had any idea where they were or that the group of people out further in the water were nude. I guess they probably found out soon enough. I'm sure that's not the underwater treasures they were hoping to find on their little snorkeling adventure! Ha-Ha!

The view of our resort from the island

another beautiful ocean view

Relaxing on the private beach!

Brent playing on some silly three wheeler thing that we found over on the private island

I'm almost post to go.

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