Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OH....Did I not mention we moved?

I guess this post is a little over due. I'm sure the huge majority of my 7 readers know the details of our move, but I guess I should explain our move.

For the last 2 1/2 years Brent has been an Associate Administrator at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville as part of HCA's CEO Development Program. We knew that after 2-3 years in this position we would most likely have to move when Brent became eligible for a promotion to a COO. From the beginning of 2011 we knew it would probably be sooner rather than later. We knew we would be moving, but didn't know when or where. This would depend on when COO jobs opened up within the company. We prayed- a lot- that God would work everything out in His perfect timing and that we would end up exactly where He wanted us to be- wherever that may be. Brent interviewed for and got offered a job in Florida in the Spring and after much prayer and contemplation we turned it down. This made us a little nervous because we knew the next job that came open and he was offered he would probably have to take it- and there are worse places to live than in Florida, 30 minutes from the beach- Right? However, we felt like this was not God's plan for us at that time. Most of the summer passed and I started to realize we were probably not going to be moved anywhere by the time school started like I was hoping. (Just b/c this would be easier than moving in the middle of the year.)
On our way home from Oklahoma after our vacation, Brent got a call for a second interview in McKinney, TX. We flew over that weekend and Monday he was officially offered the job. This was a HUGE blessing. Of all the HCA hospitals the he could possibly land a job at, this is probably the best for us. It is in a really nice town- and only 5 hours away from family, instead of 13!! We planned the official move for the second week of August, not even 4 weeks after he got the job. It was a crazy few weeks, but we were able to find a house and get here in time for the kids to start the school year. We really feel like this is a blessing and feel like this is just where we are suppose to be right now. Hendersonville/Nashville was a great place to live and we really enjoyed it, but are looking forward to this next chapter of our lives.

(I should add that I am very proud of Brent. He works very hard and is good at his job.)

So LOOOONG story short, Brent is the COO at Medical Center of McKinney and we are now Texans!


Dawn said...

No, No, No...you aren't Texans. You're transplanted Oklahomans! Glad you're closer to family! That makes dumping the kids on the grandparents much easier! Not that they will feel dumped on!

Leslie said...

Texans, bleh! I look forward to more pictures of the new area =o)

Hilary said...

Ok....i guess we're still Okies that live in Texas now.

Kara said...

Glad you are so much closer, I know your mom is too! I have a few friends down that way...what church are you attending? If you need suggestions I can make contacts :) One of our dear friends from OSU and Countryside Church is now the lead pastor at McKinney Bible Church...http://www.mckinneychurch.com/ check it out!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Texas. Hope you are getting settled in and find folks really friendly. Had wondered what part of the state you were moving to. Not a bad area at all. I know the grandparents are excited.
Laura D.

Janice said...