Thursday, August 4, 2011

JAMAICA!!: Part 4

Thursday/Thursday Night
The beautiful Jamaican sky. It rained several afternoons that we were there, but it usually didn't last long and didn't really keep us from doing all we wanted to do.

One day they had some "Beach Games" which involved 3 teams competing in several different competitions, such as hula-hooping, a swimming race in the ocean, relays holding an egg on a spoon, etc. One competition was a dance/cheer contest where we had about 2 minutes to come up with a routine. Our team leader/resort staff member pretty much told us what to do and we tried to out do the competition with this pyramid at the end. I somehow ended up in the front doing a little tumbling pass. Ha!- If that 's what you want to call it. It was pretty funny and I was a little embarrassed, but hey- this is Jamaica.....and I don't know any of these people!

Just about every morning Brent played beach volleyball with a group of guys and I laid on the beach and watched and read.

Aaahhh.......Cheesy I know, but we had to do it.

A picture after a round of tennis

At the entrance of the resort. Pictures really don't do it justice. It was beautiful.

Brent enjoyed a little Chef's sampler dessert. We ate TOO many desserts during the week.

That evening they had a little awards ceremony for some games they had during that day. We won these little leather "sandals" necklaces for the beach games and for the beach volleyball tournament Brent played in.

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Samantha said...

loved all the pics and posts about your time in jamaica! looks like a nice couple time!