Monday, August 8, 2011

Rhett's 5th Birthday Party

So quite a while back I started asking Rhett what he wanted to do for his 5th birthday. He immediately told me he wanted to go to Chuck-E-Cheese. I reminded him that we did that for his 4th birthday and maybe we should do something different, but he insisted. I told him if we went to CC, he would only be able to bring 2 or 3 friends. (I have no desire to try to keep up with 10 or 12 5 year olds and that high maintenance 2 year old we have at CC). I gave him the option of having a big party here at the house or at the pool or something. He chose the small intimate party at CC instead. I was feeling sort of bad about him having the exact same party as last year, UNTIL I found out we were moving 600+ miles 3 days after his birthday, then I decided it was a FABULOUS idea.... and he thought so too-so everyone wins! We had his party yesterday evening and it was a hit.

The boys
One of the little boys he invited couldn't come so it ended up being the same three as last year! . Click here for a picture of the trio a year ago!

I know it's Rhett's birthday party, but had to include a couple of pics of this cute little guy cruising with a mouse (?)

Rhett LOOOOVES to play video games!

Look at the boys watching so seriously.

and not so seriously.

Silly boys!! They were laughing hysterically at jokes that made NO sense, about what else, but bodily functions!

Rhett wanted an Incredible Hulk cake. I thought it turned out pretty cute!

Yummy cake....

He was so excited to open his presents and LOVED them all!

The whole gang, partied out!

With the Lewis kids, who were our wonderful neighbors until a few months ago when they moved to Murfreesboro. Hollace was so excited that Tiffany came with John David to the party.

These pics look so similar to last years party, it's funny. What can I say the boy knows what he likes. I was just thinking that he has had a Cars/race car birthday twice and a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday twice. The only time he had something different was his first birthday when he didn't have a choice! Ha-wonder what next year will be.

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Grandma Ramona said...

Happy Birthday, Rhett....looks like you had a GREAT Birthday Party ~ Love you, Grandma Ramona