Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beach Vacation: Part II- Fun on Land

While it was a "Beach" Vacation, we had a lot of fun on land too. It was fun just to be together and RELAX! We watched movies, ate, sat around and ate some more. 

Hollace and Brynn
 Our fam on our first night there
 The girls relaxing, watching a movie
 We LOVED the area where we stayed. It was a little past Destin and not quite as busy. We went into a little area called Seaside one night and walked around and checked out all the quaint little shops and eateries.

The Seaside, FL post office

The Carpenters let Bryleigh bring a friend along, since she was the only older one. Her name was Kelsee and Rhett developed a little crush on her. It was so funny and pretty cute too. She was a really sweet girl, but we'd never seen Rhett like that before. 
 Dinner one night at AJs. The kids had lots of fun everywhere we went.

 Ok, the grown ups had fun too!

 My handsome husband and I

We went for a walk along the boardwalk in Destin. The kids spotted this self-service snow cone stand. It was a hit. ALL the syrup you want!

 Me with my favorite girl!
 Margo and I
 Rhett and Kelsee again :)
 Our family. We had such a great time being together!
 I LOVE these four SOOOO much!!
 More of Hollace and Brynn. These two could not get enough of each other.

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Larry said...

From the looks of these photos, I'd say everyone had a great time.