Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympics 2020???

Hollace got to be a part of a swim team this summer. We were a little nervous about it because we weren't sure what to expect. She LOVES swimming but has never done anything like this and really hasn't had any actual swimming training/lessons so we weren't sure how it would go. Turns out she loved it. I've always loved swimming and really wish I had had the opportunity to do something like this when I was younger. I guess that's one of the advantages of living in a bigger city. 

I hope she continues to enjoy swimming. It really is such a great sport.  I also got her to run a little with me a few weeks ago- I hope she (or one of the kids) will do a triathlon with me someday.

Here she is showing her events in which she will compete. They mark them just before each meet.

Here she is getting ready!!!


and GO!!!
(these next ones were taken my Papa Larry when he and Nana got to come to her last meet.)

...... and the Backstroke
She was really nervous about the backstroke because she said she "can't see where to go and runs into the ropes". We talked her into trying in for the last meet.
I like this stroke because you can see her face. She smiled almost the whole time. It was pretty cute.

 .........and the Breaststroke. Tell me she doesn't look like a future Olympian here??  - We love the Olympics :)

Hollace with one of her besties who was on the swim team with her. They had so much fun!

(I do have a couple of videos on my phone I will try to get on here soon.)


Janice said...

Yep! I imagine she'll be in the Olympics someday!

Dawn Castor said...

That looks fun!