Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Summer Fun!

We are back from vacation! It was GREAT and I'm anxious to go through our pictures and post them- BUT I really want to catch up with a few other summer posts before I do, so vacation posts will have to wait a bit. I'm sure the suspense is going to kill you.

Ok, there are a LOT of pictures here, you've been forewarned. This was a few weeks ago at the neighborhood pool. I was practicing a little with my camera and trying out some different things, so that's part of the reason I took so many. That and because these kids are just pretty darn cute!


Janice said...

You're right - they are pretty darn cute. Good pics.

Larry said...

Those are some good shots you got there, nice work!

Hilary said...

Thanks Dad. I have a good teacher- and a good camera :)