Thursday, August 23, 2012


The boys' surgery went perfectly. They are all tube-free as of today. Rhett has had his since he was about 6 months old! They typically come out on their own by two years, but each one had one tube that wasn't budging, so to try to prevent a permanent hole from forming, our ENT decided it was time to remove them.

While Thad was asleep the Dr. did a direct laryngoscopy- basically took a quick look at his vocal cords.     Thad has always sounded a little hoarse. Some days it is more significant that others. Sometimes his voice is pretty much a whisper. I remember even as an infant people would sometimes comment that his cry sounded hoarse. So the Dr. took a look and he has a nodule on each cord. They can be caused by reflux(which he had a severe case of as a baby), or a lot of loud crying or yelling (I think I might have mentioned he cried A LOT as baby- probably from the reflux. Poor baby!) Anyway the nodules usually don't cause much of a problem other than hoarseness, and usually heal on their own, but we are going to put him on some reflux medicine for a while. He could still be having some silent reflux and that could prevent the nodules from going away or cause permanent scarring.

 Here are a few pics I snapped while we were waiting. They did a great job and we were home by a little after 9:00am after a stop for donuts! 

 Thad wanted me to take a picture of his "hiney". Why not?
Here is sweet Thad as he was waking up.  I didn't get a picture of Rhett afterward. He was very silly and dizzy, but kept trying to get up, so we were busy trying to keep him in the bed.

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Larry said...

Glad everything went well. I hope Thad can get over the hoarseness. Wouldn't want him to sound like Bill Clinton all his life! :)