Friday, August 17, 2012


At the end of June, my parents and Sydnie and her girls came to town for a fun trip to Six Flags. It wasn't too busy, it was hot, but lots of fun.  I took some pictures with my i-phone and just got around to downloading them. (Did I mention I got an i-phone? It was a few months ago now, but I felt like I was the last person in the country to get one. My parents even beat me! I love having it for times like this when you want to take some pics, but don't want to mess with a camera. It takes pretty decent pictures too.)

 Our family LOVES rides and roller coasters. Hollace has been a dare devil all along, but Rhett is just now getting tall enough for some of the big ones. We've discovered he is a little dare devil too.

Brent took them to ride some big rides so I hung our with Thad for a little while on the small rides.
We spotted these heroes and Thad wanted a picture with them but he was a little nervous so I had to join him.
 Thad and Margot.
Thad is only 6 months older than her, but we all call her "baby Margot" to distinguish between her and my friend "the grown up Margo".
 I cut my head off on this one, but I love Thad's face!

 We saw the heroes again later and the big kids wanted to meet them too.
 There was even a Tweety Bird sighting.
 Sydnie's girls, Margot and Maggie. Maggie is not too sure about this huge-headed bird.
 Nana and Papa in line for our final ride. A ride on which we got COMPLETELY SOAKED by the way! I wish I would have taken an "after" picture. We looked like drowned rats!

The kids all got to choose a hero cape. I'm sure you can guess who bought these treasures. HINT: It was not their parents!

It was a fun day and the kids are already asking to go back. 

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Larry said...

I think I am finally dry now. It was fun though and hot indeed.